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About Us

About Us

The Lido Café has been around for over 60 years at the same location. The famous Lido pizza was popular then as it is now. The Lido Café was one of the first places to serve pizza in Lynn and was a favorite of the people when there weren’t many choices to pick from. Today, when there is s pizza place on every corner, The Lido is still as popular as ever with the public.

James Irving, the present owner of The Lido Café, remodeled The Lido and put together a quality, big selection menu. Breakfast was added to the menu this past year. This gives you the present Lido Café, a modern, clean, comfortable place where you can eat, drink and relax.

On the restaurant side you have your choice of big booths or tables. The separated bar side has booths and tables as well as bar stools at the bar. There are lots of TV’s around the bar for a sports bar affect.

Keno and Mass. State Lottery games are available if you are a state lottery fan.

The Lido Café also offers a delivery service. If you want to have a food order delivered, don’t hesitate to call!

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